Family Law

At PHM Law Group, P.C. we know that family law encompasses more than legalities, it is the family relationships, parents and children, spouses, and grandparents. Family law encompasses pre-marital agreements, divorce, modification of divorce decrees, paternity of children, child support, custody and parenting time agreements and grandparent rights.

Each of these areas requires a unique touch for each client. A pre-marital agreement needs to be tailored to the parties and their specific needs with an eye to protecting client rights. Divorce encompasses any, and sometimes all, of the issues of the marriage from the children and their needs to financial questions of support and property division.

Families today are not necessarily married couples. When children are involved in unmarried relationships, their needs must still be addressed. We have substantial experience in helping to legally determine parentage, child support and access to children by both parents.

Grandparents are often a very important part of the family relationships and there are times when the child’s relationship with a grandparent needs protection. We understand those relationships and how important they can be.

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